December 19, 2008

Back Home in San Francisco

Eighteen days, two countries, over fifteen thousands miles, many hours in traffic, six airline flights, several boat rides, a couple tricycle rides, and some amazing experiences – and now we are back home in San Francisco. I love to travel, experience different cultures, and learn; but it is always nice to get back home!

The first day we were back home it hailed – yes, hailed in San Francisco. So, we went from a tropical beach to hail in only a few days. Hail!

We have been home for a few days now and I am readjusting to the time change and the cold weather. It only hailed the first day we were home, but the temperature has remained chilly. Winter definitely arrived in our absence.

Since our return to the states I've been thinking about things I had the opportunity to experience and see. From hectic city streets to quiet beaches, from high tea to street food, from welcoming family and friends to a packed rush hour crowd in a subway – our trip was one of extremes. The colors, sounds, and smells of Southeast Asia are still in my mind. The images from our travels are saved in pixels on our computer and in memories in our hearts. This was amazing trip, a perfect vacation, and spectacular experience.

But, I'm still happy to be home.

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