December 6, 2008

Christmas Decorations in the Philippines

Now, that I have been in the Philippines for a few days I am going to write a post or two about my thoughts and observations rather than my direct experiences. To start I have picked the topic of Christmas decorations. Since we first arrived here, I have noticed the unique and colorful ornamentation Filipinos display to celebrate the Christmas holiday.

In the Philippines Christmas decorations are on a grand scale. Like many cultures with Spanish influences, Catholicism plays a big part in religious life here. Filipino passion for celebration, decoration, and religion come together to create bright, festive displays of lights and ornaments. These Christmas trimmings make those displayed in western cities and towns seem rather simple and boring in comparison. Here there are lights everywhere – bright, colorful, and constantly twinkling. Angels, reindeer, and other decorative Christmas symbols adorn homes, buildings, fences, and streets throughout the city and countryside. Unique and colorful Christmas stars, called Parol, are everywhere.

Christmas is festive and colorful occasion in the Philippines! I'm glad to have had the opportunity to visit during this season.

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