December 14, 2008

Food in Boracay

Food is one of my favorite topics. I enjoy learning about and experiencing different food cultures. Being a tourist destination, food in Boracay is a mix of cultures. On the beach there are vendors hawking mangoes, chicharon, various types of oft-unidentifiable meat on a stick, hot dogs, and ice cream down by the water's edge. Cafes and restaurants start in the in the buildings and spill out on the beach with chairs, tables, lounge chairs, and pillows for dinners that want to eat with their toes in the sand. There are restaurants that serve traditional Filipino food, along with those that serve Spanish, Greek, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, or fusion cuisine. There are cafes serving simple crepes; and of course there is pizza. Then there are cafes serving a combination of everything or random dishes of various origins. My husband referred to these as “confused cuisine”. This seemed well suited term to describe the dining scene on the island – not a single theme, not a medley, but a collage of different unconnected themes all thrown in together.

Two of my favorite places in Boracay are Aria for excellent pizzas and Zuzuni for Greek cuisine (with a few Filipino dishes thrown into the menu). Cafe del Sol is a great place for coffee and pastries. We had crepes at Ti Braz for lunch one day – simple, classic, and very yummy.

Then on the politically incorrect side, there is the Hobbit House. I have no idea what type of food they serve, but I was a bit disturbed to see that the staff at this establishment were all little people being portrayed as “hobbits”. Wow. Enough said.

A great place to go for a snack on the beach is Jonah's. They serve excellent fresh fruit shakes and other refreshments. A must for a warm afternoon on the beach!

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