December 1, 2008

Hong Kong – Day Two

After our first whirlwind day in Asia, we spent our second day in a much more leisurely manner. We went to a traditional Chinese tea house for brunch and then walked around exploring shops and taking photographs for the afternoon. The streets were crowded, but people moved with less urgency. Perhaps it was the neighborhood or it might be that we are becoming more accustomed to the high energy of the streets or maybe it is because it was Sunday – but whatever the reason my perception of the streets was calmer.

In the evening we headed to the airport to fly to Manila where we will spend the next week before going to Boracay and then returning to Hong Kong for our last three days in Asia. I am looking forward to continuing to explore the city when we return.

But... I am excited to be in Manila! We landed in the dark and were greeted by Jonathan's sister. After a short ride, we are now resting for the busy week ahead!

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