December 14, 2008

Island Activities

During our time in Boracay we rented a jet ski, went island hopping, snorkling, swam in the ocean by our hotel, walked up and down the beach, and went to the spa. The warm, clear water is great for water-sports – it's the perfect temperature for swimming!

Our island hoping trip was fun! My husband and I had a small boat all to ourselves. We stopped at a small isle with sea caves we climbed down into and then a bay for snorkling. The rest of the morning we spent in the boat looking at the different isles and atolls. One of the things I enjoyed the most was seeing the entire coastline of Boracay as our boat circled the island.

And of course, we spent our time in Boracay resting, relaxing, and rejuvenating after two hectic weeks of traveling and visiting. It is a beautiful and restorative place. In addition to enjoying the beach and dining options on Boracay, the reasonably priced spa services are an excellent way to relax. Our hotel offered two complementary services – a full body massage and foot massage – as part of our reservation. This was a welcome respite from swimming and walking around the island. The spa at our hotel was lovely – to the standards of a spa in any major city. Both massages were excellent – so relaxing that I almost fell asleep each time.

Boracay really is a great place to relax – either actively or passively. There are plenty of activities and water-sports for those interested in outdoor recreation. Or for a more quiet vacation, it's a great place to sit on the white sands and star out to the bright blue ocean.

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