December 12, 2008

Island Days

Waking up with the beach outside your hotel door is exhilarating! I love cities – the energy on the streets, the lights, the culture, the food, and, in a way, even the noise. But, after a week and a half of city travel our stop in Boracay is a welcome reprieve.

Our first morning at the beach we woke up to see sunshine and brilliant blue waters. The water was dotted with lots of boats – sailboats, motor boats, fishing boats, small paddle boats, speed boats – all floating in the waves awaiting passengers.

After breakfast we headed out to explore. The beach is lined with resorts, hotels, cafes, and shops. Vendors push their wares – fake Oakley glasses, pearls, mangos, and water-sport services – as tourists sunbathe and swim. Our hotel is located in Station 1, at the quiet end of the beach. Walking towards Stations 2, 3, and 4 the beach gets busier. A ways down the beach is D*Mall – not The Mall, but D*Mall. This is a group of shops, cafes, restaurants, spas, and other services for tourists.

For me, Boracay is a perfect mix of peaceful, quiet beaches, cute shops, cool bars, romantic cafes, fun water-sports, and rejuvenating spas. It's a place to relax and restore – floating in the waves, enjoying dinner or a drink on a picturesque beach. Or it's a place to play – riding jet skis, sailing, going island hopping, or partying in the sand.

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