December 8, 2008

More Shopping in Manila

Throughout our stay in Manila my husband and his sister have taken me on a variety of different shopping experiences. From the Mall of Asia to the fruit stands in Tagaytay to the shops of Makati and other business districts throughout the city. Everywhere I have traveled I am always curious about to see what shops are like. From grocery stores to small family owned shops to department stores, I find it interesting to see where local people go to buy necessities and gifts.

On Friday Jonathan took me shopping at the markets in Greenhills. This indoor mall filled with stalls and vendors was different than any experience I have had previously. The mall seemed to be filled with chaos and sound as vendors tried to entice buyers to look at and then purchase their wares while shoppers hurried around to find the items they came to buy.

We wove our way through the crowds between the stalls to find clothing and gifts we wanted to purchase. Jonathan bargained with the vendors after we selected the items to get the final price. We sorted through the merchandise – designer overruns or fakes, shoes, dresses, shirts, bags, jeans, and many other items. Vendors came up to ask my husband if he wanted to buy DVDs or video games. The dizzying experience was different than my other experiences in the Philippines thus far. It was somewhere between a flea market and a mall; basically Greenhills is semi-organized chaos. That said, the prices are very good; so, it's was worth navigating through the swarm of shoppers. (But, then again, I cannot imagine going there by myself.)

So, I have only one more day in Manila before we leave for the beach! I'm looking forward to seeing a different part of the Philippines!

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airmangirard said...

Great Blog! I'm all caught up now from the beginning. Brings back memories from when I visited like (yikes!) 20+ yrs ago! Continue educating us with specifics and stories, anecdotes, etc. I'm very curious! Hope to see you in SFO 6-9 Jan for MW. -Rich