January 5, 2009

And the Adventures Continue

We returned from Asia almost a month ago. During that time I shared our photographs and retold the stories of our adventures with family and friends over and over again. I am energized from our travels and experiences and look forward to future trips – both near and far.

I originally began this blog to chronicle and share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, opinions, and views about our trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines. When I began writing and posting I did not realize how important this blog would would be to me during our travels. Our trip was a very intense experience for me – it was an immersion into Filipino culture. Writing in my blog not only allowed me to share my travels with my readers, it also helped me appreciate what I was experiencing.

But, now it is time for this blog to undergo a transition. In the future I will continue to share my adventures, thoughts, ideas, opinions, and views as my husband and I travel and experience the world – both near and far. I hope you continue to read and enjoy my postings!

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