January 9, 2009

Saha – a Culinary Journey to the Arabic Peninsula

San Francisco has a unique and varied dining scene. In this city we are lucky to be able to taste and experience cuisine from Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, the Philippines, Thailand, Greece, France, China, India, Turkey, and many other cultures. Recently I had the opportunity to dine at the small and wonderful restaurant in the Carlton Hotel. Saha is a unique gem in San Francisco dining scene. Specializing in Arabic fusion cuisine and focusing on dishes from the chef's native country of Yemen eating here is a culinary adventure!

To get to Saha you pass through the lobby of the Carlton hotel into the hallway and the restaurant is on the right. When you enter the dining room it is if you have been transported from the victorian charm of this classic San Francisco hotel to an exotic locale. The atmosphere is romantic and warm with lanterns, tapestries, and photographs decorating the room. The music and colors are reminiscent of a distant land and help envelope the visitors in the experience.

The menu at Saha offers both small plates to share or traditional entrees. The wine and beverage selection to accompany the food is excellent. My husband and I opted to try several of the tapas style dishes. We enjoyed hummus, baba ganoush, and artichoke spread with pita bread. I tried the shitake mushroom raviolis – which were fantastic – and Jonathan enjoyed the beef kibbeh and the merguez. For dessert we ordered knaff and some fabulously aromatic Arabic tea.

I throughly enjoyed my visit to Saha and look forward to dining there again soon!


mandy said...

What is knaff

Jessica + Jonathan said...

a yummy dessert made from filo, cheese, & syrup