February 9, 2009

Why I love my home – San Francisco

When I moved to this city – San Francisco – I could not quite explain why I needed to be here. Was it the weather? The opportunities? A change? I am not sure, I just wanted to live here. To me, the air in San Francisco seemed alive. When I took a deep breath the smell of the ocean mixed with the raindrops and fog in the city, the arid landscapes to the east, and the salt marshes to the south and the air smelled moist and full of life. The sky here seemed expansive – here there was possibility! Here I could be happy!

So, I moved here – to San Francisco – almost four years ago. This city has changed me in ways I could not have imagined. This city has opened up possibilities in my life that I never comprehended previously. This city has changed my life – this city has helped me become more alive. Since moving here I changed careers. I met my husband. And I became happy.

So, what do I love about this city? What makes me happy here? What makes San Francisco truly alive for me? First, the diversity, the cultures and traditions that exist side by side like no where else. From Chinatown, to the Mission, to North Beach, each different community compliments the others creating a more vibrant metropolis. Next, the food. The food in San Francisco – like its people – come from all corners of the globe. It is a culinary adventure waiting to be explored!

Then there is the geography, climate, and weather of San Francisco. I have grown to be comforted by the mild city temperatures, rain, and fog that envelope the city like a blanket in the winter. The ocean and bay surround and protect the city from the more extreme climes nearby. And San Francisco is beautiful. It is a picturesque place with the rolling hills underneath the concrete blocks and green parks nestled into each neighborhood.

I love living in this city – San Francisco. This city has become my home.

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Judy said...

Not only was this post fun to read; I love hearing that you are happy!