June 14, 2009

Flour + Water

Pizza is possibly the most perfect food on the planet. Pizza is also plentiful in most parts of the world; however, excellent pizza can be hard to find. I have now found a tie for the best pie in San Francisco.

Since it opened about a month ago I have had the opportunity to dine at Flour + Water two times. The first time with a friend just after they opened and this week with my husband Jonathan.

On my first visit my friend and I shared wine, fennel and beet salad, and a biancoverde pizza. The salad was fresh and crispy with a citrus dressing. The tangy flavor of the citrus created a perfect balance to the earthy beet flavor and made the salad dressing much lighter than a traditional balasmic-based vinigarette. Our pizza was white with ricotta cheese, peas, and asparagus – a perfect pie for springtime!

When I returned with my husband I decided to try the margherita pizza. But, before getting to that, I ordered a glass of Italian wine and shared a summer squash salad with Jonathan. Again the salad was excellent, crisp, and fresh with citrus dressing. It is normally served with duck proscuitto which we got on the side for Jonathan to eat and enjoy. Next came the pizza! It had perfect thin crust, simple crushed tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and fresh basil – a quintessential pie. Most definitely one of the best pizza's in San Francisco. I absolutely loved it!

For dessert we got a chocolate budino with carmel espresso cream and sea salt. The intensely flavored and smooth chocolate was perfectly balanced by the sweet cream and grains of sea salt. A wonderful end to a perfect meal!

So, in my opinion, Flour + Water definitely ties with Pizzeria Delfina as the best pizza in the city of San Francisco!

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