June 20, 2009

Revisiting a Favorite

Wine and tapas bars have become very popular in San Francisco in recent years. If Seattle is said to have a Starbucks on almost every corner, San Francisco will eventually have a wine bar on every corner. This seems fitting with the California bay area wine region and culture. I have come to enjoy these restaurants because they normally have excellent and simple food intended for sharing and a relaxed atmosphere.

One of the first wine bars I visited when I moved to San Francisco three years ago was Nectar Wine Lounge on Steiner Street in the Marina District. Walking into the restaurant on a sunny afternoon or evening is a cool reprieve from the bright west-facing sidewalk outside. On the fl. The d├ęcor is simple – white walls, rotating art by local artists, dark wood floor and accents, and dark cushioned seats. The wine list is fun and varied, as is the menu. Both change over time and with the seasons, but they always have excellent nibbles! Two of these snacks I became obsessed with and began making my own variations at home – warm honey spiced almonds and black truffle popcorn. In addition, they serve a good selection of cheeses and salumi (for the carnivores out there) and crispy flatbreads.

is a great place to go and for a glass of wine and some snacks or a relaxing dinner. It is one of local spots we enjoy going visiting and revisiting!

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