June 30, 2009

Thinking About Our Next Adventure – New York City and Boston

It has been about seven months since we returned from our trip to Hong Kong and the Philippines. For me, that trip was an amazing adventure – a cultural immersion, a chance to see destinations far from where I was born, and the opportunity to visit the childhood home of my husband. Since returning from Asia, we have made a few weekend jaunts – to visit Lake Tahoe, Seattle, Vancouver, and Las Vegas – but have not ventured very far from home.

Now, we are starting to plan our next travel adventure! This time we are going to explore two destinations closer to home – Boston and New York City! Both cities are favorite of mine! I lived in Boston for several years and have explored New York numerous times, but have not had the opportunity to visit either recently.

While I am looking forward the trip; I am also enjoying the planning part. I love all aspects of travel – reading about places, the adventure of exploring a new place, and the time of reflection after returning home.

Some of my favorite resources have always been travel books. I love them! When I lived in Boston I used to shop at the Globe Corner Bookstore; now that I have moved to San Francisco I go to Get Lost Books for travel guides.

Then I enjoy reading blogs, checking on Twitter (or Twitter search Twazzup), and searching the web for interesting travel related tidbits. A site I started exploring recently is openplaces.org [link to: ]. Please share any other favorite sites or resources!

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