July 10, 2009

Hong Kong Classified!

This week I took a brief trip to Hong Kong for work. Leaving San Francisco just after midnight I arrived in Hong Kong at six in the morning a day and half later by calendar. The usually bustling airport was still, as if taking a breath to prepare for the next onslaught of passengers. I retrieved my luggage and boarded the Airport Express train. Again, the train ride was remarkably quiet with only a couple other passengers joining me for the journey.

Later in the afternoon, after a brief nap at my hotel, I ventured out into the streets. The early morning calm was gone and bustling swarms of people I remember from my previous trip to Hong Kong filled the streets and sidewalks. The vibrant energy of the city crept into me and helped push the cobwebs of travel and jet lag away. It was good to be back in Asia!

While the majority of my trip was dedicated to work and meetings, I did have a small amount of time to visit a friend and explore new places in Hong Kong. One of these new places was the Classified Cheese Room on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan. The small, hip cafe is home to Hong Kong's first temperature controlled cheese room and serves an outstanding variety of cheese and wine from around the world. We sat down at a small table just inside the door and began perusing the cheese menu, a several page document with cheeses from Corsica, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, France, Neil's Yard Dairy in the UK, and others. For those of us that love cheese, it is a tempting array to choose from! After deciding on several cheeses from different places around the world, we turned out attention to the large chalk board which lists the wines Classified serves. This list is shorter than the cheese menu, but excellent and well balanced. After making our decisions, we got to dig in and taste our selections! Very tasty!

A new pastry I got to try on this trip to Hong Kong was Portuguese egg tarts from Lord Stow's Bakery. The tarts have very flakey crust with a sweet, eggy custard – excellent!

Other good places I got to eat at on this trip were Pure Veggie House, Isola bar + grill, the Clipper Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental, and the Lounge at the IFC Four Seasons Hotel. All of these were very good, but my favorite was definitely the Classified Cheese Room!

Thanks to my friend Matt for braving the summer heat, being an excellent tour guide, and helping me find the best food!

The Classified Cheese Room
will definitely be on my itinerary for future trips to Hong Kong!


Judy said...

Yum. You are such a FOODIE!

Jessica said...

Ha! Yes, is that a surprise? I do love food! My favorites include chocolate, pizza, & wine &...

Bethany said...

Jessie, I want to travel with you! You can be the vegetarian and I'll be the sugar-free/no white flour/no potatoes (yuck) critic. I love this blog. So descriptive!