August 21, 2009

Dinner at Sociale

So, I know I should have taken pictures of this tasty food, but I did not. Blame it on a lack of concentration, being distracted, or, most likely, the tastiness of the food – but whatever the reason I forgot to take food pictures. That said, here is the story of dinner at Sociale.

Down a small pedestrian alley off Sacramento Street in San Francisco's Laural Heights neighborhood is Sociale, a small Italian restaurant. Yesterday evening, the end of a stressful day, I found myself sitting at the corner table on a surprise date with my husband. It was a perfect place to come and escape the crazy world. When you arrive here, you walk down a small brick pathway that opens up into the restaurant's courtyard. It's picturesque with foliage and a sense of calm to the place. There are several tables outside under the heat lamps, but as the fog rolled in we opted for the indoor dining room.

Now, on to the main attraction – the food. For appetizers I ordered the fried olives and my husband, Jonathan, ordered bone marrow. Then for the main course I had the wild mushroom tajarin (an egg yolk pasta with chanterelles) and Jonathan had the pork chop. All the food was excellent! The olives were warm with a crunchy breading on the outside and melted cheese inside. And the pasta was amazing – I would like to eat it everyday! Jonathan was very pleased with his food too! For drinks we brought a bottle of wine from home that the restaurant happy opened for us. And, then dessert! We ordered the chocolate oblivion cake. It was creamy with an intense chocolate flavor and was served with sea salt, olive oil, and cookie crumbs. I have noticed accents of olive oil and sea salt making their way into desserts at several restaurants around San Francisco. I think both pair very well with sweets and dark chocolate.

Dinner at Sociale was a wonderful experience! It is definitely a perfect place for a cozy and romantic evening.

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