August 2, 2009

In Scorching Las Vegas Again

Only a few weeks after our previous trip, we were back in Las Vegas a few weekends ago. Again the weather was oppressive – windy, hot, and dry, typical summertime in the desert. Since we come to this city to visit relatives, not vacation, we spend a good deal of our time outside of the temperature, atmosphere, scent, and sound controlled world of the casinos and attractions along Las Vegas Boulevard. It is a different perspective of a world famous city.

On this trip the heat and location of our hotel made me focus on the strake contrast between the crumbling facade of old Vegas and the slick glass of the new luxury high rise hotels. Between the two worlds, cranes and construction equipment fill the sky line as developers continue to push aside old buildings, hotels, and neighborhoods to make room for more and more new extravagant complexes. This city is definitely a place of extremes.

One cloudy, late afternoon I took a few pictures near our hotel and posted them on my photo blog, Pictures of My World.

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