August 2, 2009

Soul Food Brunch in the Fog

San Francisco has a copious number of good restaurants – and lots of them serve excellent brunch! One of the best and most popular is Brenda's French Soul Food. This tiny cafe is on Polk Street in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco right next to KFC. They serve Creole style breakfast and lunch during the week and brunch to the long line of customers on weekends. Yes, Brenda's is so small, diners have to wait on the sidewalk for a while to get a table; but once inside everyone is rewarded with warm, comforting food.

The food at Brenda's is French and New Orleans soul food – and definitely good! The brunch menu includes beignets, egg dishes, and more. Both the beignets (which come either plain or filled with chocolate, green apple, or crawfish) and biscuits are tasty, fluffy, pillowy pastries. The scrambles and omelettes are excellent, as are the potatoes. Even the grits are creamy and good. I grew up in New England and have always looked at grits as a not very approachable (and often not tasty) food. But, these grits are like a soft, creamy (and quite flavorful) polenta. And the food is served with New Orleans Community Coffee with Chicory or tea.

As long as you do not mind waiting in line for a table, Brenda's is a great place for brunch!

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