August 18, 2009

Taco Trucks in the Mission

Around the world, street foods are best snacks. San Francisco is home to many food trucks and carts. Recently several new trucks have arrived on the scene serving everything from French cuisine to curry to crème brûlée, but the traditional ones make tacos and other Mexican street food. Saturday afternoon Jonathan and I walking around the the Mission District in need of a snack and decided to stop by the El Toyanense taco truck at 16th and Shotwell Streets. I ordered a vegetarian taco and Jonathan got a beef taco and a carnitas taco and within a few minutes we were standing on the sidewalk enjoying our fresh made tacos! And best of all – each taco cost less than $2! So, El Toyanense is not only fresh and good, it is also very economical! A perfect afternoon snack!

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Judy said...

I want one here!