September 1, 2009

Bánh mì

So, I have a new obsession – bánh mì or Vietnamese Sandwiches. This craze began very recently – about a month ago to be exact – when my husband introduced me to this delicious treat.

In my travels I have often seen signs advertising banh mi but always assumed a sandwich is a sandwich. But, I should have been wiser. On my first trip to Paris I learned that the baguettes with brie served on the streets of the city of lights were far superior to American cheese sandwiches. I love the spicy and sweet of Vietnamese cuisine, but, I never drew the correlation.

So, fast forward to my introduction to the bánh mì. Like the American, English, and French versions, Vietnamese sandwiches come in many different varieties. Many of the styles of bánh mì are made from pork, chicken, paté, or ham, but there are also tofu and vegetable ones too!

Since my introduction to bánh mì I have been excited to try them at different sandwich shops around the city. Today we picked up bánh mì for lunch at the Saigon Sandwich Shop on Larkin Street in the Tenderloin district – the best rated Vietnamese sandwich shop on Yelp. Like many similar shops, Saigon Sandwich Shop is a small convenience store and deli. It is a small and dingy space, but the bánh mì are amazing! I got the tofu sandwich and my husband got the special combination. The bread is crunchy, the vegetables are crisp and fresh, and the tofu sauce were excellent. Definitely my favorite bánh mì so far! I look forward to trying more around the city and on my travels.

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