September 11, 2009

A Meal for Me

Some meals are for necessity, others for leisure or luxury. Some meals are to feed hunger or heal, others are for show. And then some meals are personal. Made by friends, family, or loved ones to bring comfort and joy to the object of affection these meals are about much more than sustenance, decadence, or necessity. These meals about love.

In the hubbub and routine of everyday we often loose track of the personal and intimate parts of life. Or just don't have time for them. We are propelled through the days, weeks, and months by work, chores, and obligations. We get caught up in the whirlwind of overwhelmed senses and possibilities. We overlook the basic.

And then something makes us stop. Sometimes it is at the urging of a friend. Sometimes it is our own desire to rest or need to rejuvenate. And sometimes it is for the perfect meal, created by someone special. Perfect. Thank you.


mandy said...

well... what was it?

Jessica said...

3 courses - vegetarian lumpia, spicy soy and red peppers over rice, and then purple yam and coconut! Lots of food + very good!