October 17, 2009

Dining at Lala Rokh

When I lived in Boston I always enjoyed having dinner at Lala Rokh, a Persian restaurant in Beacon Hill. I would normally either take my sisters for dinner or just go by myself with a book. It is a good place to go for a special occasion or to relax. The atmosphere is calm and peaceful and the food is excellent. On this trip I took my husband here and realized it is also a perfect place for a romantic date!

Walking into Lala Rokh is relaxing. The restaurant is calm with soft music and warm d├ęcor. The hostess lead us to a corner table. A great start to our dinner date – Jonathan's favorite place to sit! We ordered and our waitress brought sesame bread and chickpea spread. A tasty start to the meal. This is a good restaurant for vegetarians. Even though the menu does not list many options, the kitchen is able to prepare several of the dishes without meat upon request.

Now, let's discuss the food. We started with a soup. It was a flavorful broth with vegetables and grains – perfect for a cold evening. Next I ordered the sib prepared vegetarian. It was wonderful – a stew of lentils and apples served with fluffy rice and grilled vegetables (instead of meat). Jonathan enjoyed his duck with pomegranate sauce. For dessert we shared baqlava and mint tea. It was amazing – a wonderful blend of honey, cardamon, and rose water.

I was happy to be able to return to Lala Rokh during our stay in Boston – it is a excellent place to enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal.

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