October 15, 2009

A Walk in History

So, I lived in Boston for 6 years and I never walked the Freedom Trail. Yes, I walked by several of the historical sights almost every day and would point confused tourists in the right direction when asked, but I never took the time to follow the trail from the beginning.

This week I am back in Boston visiting family and sharing my history with my husband. My husband is from the Philippines and I wanted to show him the birthplace of our nation. On a sunny morning we decided to go out and trace the steps of the revolution in Boston. Starting on the Boston Common we walked to the State House with its gold dome towering over the green expanse below and then continued on to the Park Street Church and the Granary Burial Ground. The cemetery is a patchwork of Boston's first European residents – Patriots and Revolutionaries. We continued on to the Kings Chapel and Burial Ground and on towards the Old South Meeting House, the Boston Massacre Site, the Old State House, and the Fanueil Hall. After stopping for a brief snack we continued through the North End and on to Charlestown. While I was familiar with most of the sites on the route it was interesting to pass them in sequence and remember that this place was an important part of the birth of the United States of America.

After our amble through history we headed to Figs in Beacon Hill for dinner. This has always been one of my favorite pizza restaurants in Boston. We ordered some calamari, two pizzas (one Oliver's and with half Portobello and Red Sox), and wine. Jonathan and my father enjoyed the calamari and we all loved the pizza. Figs' pizza has very thin and crispy crust and high quality ingredients – perfect!

A day of great history! And great pizza!

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