December 15, 2009

Dinner at Siroc

I am settling into my new home city – Washington, DC. While I have been becoming accustomed to cooler weather, learning to find my way around, and the many other aspects of acquainting myself to a new place, I have been remiss about blogging. It is not that I have had nothing to write about – quite the contrary – but I have been short on time. That said, I will try to be more diligent going forward.

So, on to my first post about Washington DC. I have decided to write about Siroc Restaurant on McPherson Square. At my aunt's suggestion we met here for dinner to celebrate our successful move to and arrival in the nation's capital.

Jonathan and I arrived at Siroc first and were led to our table. The restaurant is small and modern with a welcoming atmosphere. The cuisine is modern Italian.

After all members of our dinner party were seated the waiter brought over a small dish of tiny raviolis in a wonderful green cream sauce for each person. It was great start to the meal! All the food was very good, but the pasta was amazing. The appetizer I tried – the potato, thyme, and onion torte – was very good and my dinner companions also liked the beef rolls. I ordered the spinach fettuccine with tomatoes and artichokes. (On the menu this dish has shrimp and pancetta in it, but the staff happily served those ingredients on the side for my non-vegetarian friends!) The fettuccine was just perfect – it was wonderful! That said, Jonathan ordered a non-pasta dish (veal) and thoroughly enjoyed it too.

Moving onto dessert... We ordered the warm chocolate tart and the hazelnut chocolate mousse. The tart was a rich, dark chocolate and the chocolate mousse was a creamy milk chocolate. Both were fantastic!

The overall meal was wonderful – it was a perfect celebration! The food was amazing and the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to Siroc!

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