January 21, 2010

In vino veritas... (in wine there is the truth)

Veritas is the goddess of truth. It is also the name of a small wine bar near Dupont Circle. Located at the intersection of Connecticut and Florida streets, Veritas is a perfect neighborhood wine bar. It is charming and cozy with a deep red and brick walls with dark wood floors.

I have been here twice and enjoyed both experiences. The staff is friendly (and for the most part) very helpful. The food menu is simplistic and very good – cheese, charcuterie, and savories dishes to share followed by chocolate. The selections are varied and pair well with the excellent wine list. On both occasions we ordered a variety of cheeses, hummus, red pepper and feta dip, and wine. Jonathan also tried some of the cured meats and pates. The cheeses and wine were very good. The dips come with crispy lavish bread and small antipasti accompaniments. The dips are served in quite substantial portions and are good for sharing.

We will definitely return to Veritas and next time I look forward to trying their chocolates!

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