February 5, 2010

Perfect Little Cakes

What is it about a cupcake? To me these cute creations are so much better than cake, have the status of being a comfort food, and are the perfect size for a snack.

America's preoccupation with cute cupcakes began several years ago when Magnolia Bakery cupcakes was featured in Sex in the City. Since then artisan cupcake shops have been opening in major cities all over the country.

That said, my obsession with cupcakes is more recent. When I lived in San Francisco I enjoyed the cute little cakes from Baked, Kara's Cupcakes, and Miette – but would rarely search out a cupcake. Then I moved to Washington DC and my aunt introduced me to Georgetown Cupcake. Thus my obsession with cupcakes was established.

Of the artisan cupcakes I have had the opportunity to sample, Georgetown Cupcakes definitely stood out. The cake is moist and delicious and the frosting is rich and creamy . The flavors range from traditional to creative – from chocolate and vanilla to toffee crunch. They serve several everyday flavors, special flavors (available only on certain days of the week), and seasonal flavors (which change monthly). In addition, starting in January 2010, they started making a daily secret “Fan Favorite” flavor. The secret cupcake flavors are announced on Facebook and Twitter each morning and free to Georgetown Cupcake fans. (Great marketing idea!) But, back to the subject at hand – the cupcakes. So far, I have tried chocolate ganache, chocolate3, toffee crunch, red velvet, salted caramel, and chocolate strawberry. My favorite flavors are salted caramel and red velvet. But, I will definitely return to try more flavors!