February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend in New York Continued

We spent Sunday – Valentine's Day – enjoying New York City. We walked around Soho and I revisted my favorite clothing shop, Rosebud Boutique. We went to Varda Shoes, a wonderful shoe shop on Spring Street. Their shoe styles are classic and elegant and all the shoes are handmade in Italy. (And Varda has recently started making tall leather boots with wider calves for women with athletic legs.)

Then Valentine's Day dinner. It was amazing – but the details will have to wait as it is the subject of my next post.

On Monday we spent time in the Upper West Side neighborhood. First we stopped for brunch at Sarabeth's West – busy and good cafe on Amsterdam Avenue. We shared the lemon ricotta pancakes and a red omelette. Both were very tasty, but the pancakes were exceptional. When I was a child, my parents often made us cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast. The ricotta pancakes were a lighter and more delicate version of my childhood favorite.

From Sarabeth's we continued walking around the Upper West Side. Before heading leaving the New York we stopped at Zabar's and purchased snacks for our trip home. Located at Broadway and 80th Street, Zabar's is huge emporium of edible items! After roaming the aisles for a bit we went to the deli and ordered our sandwiches. All that remained of our trip was bus ride home...

A great weekend in New York! I look forward to having the opportunity to visit again soon!

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