March 1, 2010

Urban Hip

After reading the Urbana menu and wine list online Jonathan and I were excited to check it out! We made reservations to meet a friend at there two times. On each occasion a snowstorm caused us to cancel our plans. Needless to say, I was a bit timid about to booking a table a third time and tempting the snow gods. Then this past weekend we found ourselves nearby in search of dinner and decided to make an unscheduled visit.

The restaurant and bar is located off the lobby of the Palomar Hotel on P Street near Dupont Circle. The interior is very sleek and modern – the bar, lounge, and dining room areas look hip. I was happy when the hostess informed us she would be able to seat us promptly.

Once settled into our seats our waiter helped us settle on food and wine selections. I ordered the beet salad and a margherita pizza, which Jonathan tried the cassoulet and crispy sweetbreads. To accompany our food we each selected a different wine to try – Nero d'Avola for me and Bordeaux for Jonathan. The beet salad was wonderful! The beets were perfectly roasted and served with goat cheese mousse, greens, and thin slices of uncooked beets. I cannot say I enjoyed the pizza as much. It was good, but just good. Jonathan also gave mixed reviews on his food. He was very happy with the sweetbreads, but felt the cassoulet was slightly overcooked. But, we both enjoyed our wines and ended the meal on a high note – dessert. For dessert we ordered a carrot cake that was very enjoyable. Served with sweet squash puree and a wonderful cream cheese frosting it was one of the most memorable parts of the meal.

I enjoyed our impromptu visit to Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar. It has a fun and fashionable atmosphere with good food and wine at a reasonable price. Maybe when the threat of snow is further in the past I will be brave enough to make plans to come here again!

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