May 28, 2010

Dragon Boats on the Potomac

About two years ago Jonathan first introduced me to dragon boating. At first I was skeptical, I am not coordinated or athletic by nature and many years ago I was always the last person chosen for sports teams in school. Would I be able to make a positive contribution to his team?

My first dragon boat practice was on a foggy morning at Lake Merced in San Francisco. I was given a paddle and PFD (personal flotation device) and headed down to the dock. Later that day I slowly walked back to the car physically exhausted, but exhilarated. I had finally found a sport I loved! In addition, I was excited to have found a sport that Jonathan and I both enjoyed and could participate in together.

Now, getting back to the present. Since my first dragon boat practice I have enjoyed participating in the sport every year. When we moved to Washington DC Jonathan and I joined the DC Dragon Boat Club. This past weekend was the 9th Annual Washington DC Dragon Boat Festival and my first time racing with Club DC.

The first day of the festival dawned with clear skies and warm – but not overly hot – temperatures. I got up early and headed down to the banks of the Potomac River. When I arrived teams were starting to set up camp on the strip of grass between the river and Potomac Parkway. After a few minutes of searching I located and joined my team and settled in for a day of racing.

It turned out to be a great weekend of racing! The weather was beautiful and we everyone had a good time racing or watching the boats. Club DC paddled hard and we had a lot of fun! Now, I am looking forward to the next festival!

Thank you to my aunt (Pat Case) for taking the photos!

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