May 10, 2010

New City, New Places, New Food

We moved to our new home, Washington DC, just about 5 months ago. During this time we have had the opportunity to visit many places that were new to us, but not the city. As spring arrives (and the economy shows signs of recovery), that is changing! We recently visited two new restaurants – Dickson Wine Bar on U Street and Ezmè Restaurant & Wine Bar on P Street in Dupont Circle. The former is a fashionable new wine bar and the later is a comforting place to enjoy excellent Turkish tapas.
Since chronology is always a good way to organize narratives, I will begin by sharing my experience at Dickson. Jonathan and I went there for a Friday night date a few weeks ago. Outside the building is has a late 1800s brick facade, while the space inside is a modern loft design with large windows, illuminated bottles along one wall, and an open area between the main and second floors. We decided to sit upstairs along the railing by the window. This gave us a view of both floors and the busy street outside.

The food and wine at Dickson is organic or biodynamic and very good. We tasted a few different wines and were pleased with the quality of our selections. And then the food! The menu here is creative and fun. We started with the warm marcona almonds, which were wonderful. Then Jonathan ordered a pork belly bánh mì and I chose the mission fig and gorgonzola flatbread. My flatbread was crispy and flavorful and Jonathan was thrilled with his sandwich. We ended our meal by sharing a delightful dessert plate and sipping wine. A wonderful date!

Now, Ezmè Restaurant and Wine Bar. We have had the opportunity to have dinner here twice and enjoyed both occasions. Ezmè is relaxing and shares a celebration of Turkish cuisine and hospitality with diners. The atmosphere is warm and bright colored tiles adorn the walls. And the food is excellent – exotic and yet comforting at the same time. On each of our visits we ordered a variety of different dishes to share. Everything we tried was very good, but my favorite was the Sebze Begendi – an eggplant and gruyere puree with sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers. To accompany the food they serve fresh, warm bread. In addition, we were pleasantly surprised to find the Turkish wine very enjoyable.

This cozy little restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy a meal with friends and family!

It's good to see new places – like these two – opening around the city!

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