August 24, 2010

After Work in New York

Last time I wrote about New York I discussed the vibe of the city, the energy on the streets. This week I went to New York for work. Unlike my recent trips to this city where I spent the majority of my time out experiencing the city, this week I spent my days in the depths of a convention center in Midtown. I was in the heart of Manhattan, but inside I had no connection to the street. Large indoor spaces – like convention centers – have an eery sense of being distant from the world just outside the door.

Luckily, I was able to go out in the evenings and enjoy the city. As soon as my work obligations were completed every day I would head onto the streets and enjoy the vibe of New York. I would hop on the subway and go downtown. I visited my favorite clothing store – a small shop called Rosebud on Thompson Street in SoHo. This is a small shop has wonderful clothing for women. I went to the Village and walked along the streets window shopping, having fun in the city.

And, of course, I had to eat. I read about Grom Gelato in the New York Times. On the corner of Bleeker and Carmine Streets in the West Village it is the perfect location to sit at one of their sidewalk tables and enjoy a frozen treat. And the gelato and sorbet at Grom is excellent! I got a small cup with pistachio gelato and dark chocolate sorbet. The pistachio was perfect creamy and nutty flavor – very much like gelato I ate in Rome several years ago. And the chocolate sorbet was amazing! It was creamiest sorbet I have ever had.

At dinnertime one evening I found myself by Cornelia Street and decided to try . I walked in and was offered a seat at the tiny bar inside the door. The restaurant is cozy with white table cloth clad tables packed into the narrow dining room. It is inviting atmosphere – a great place to relax, enjoy a meal, and spend time with family and friends.

But, the cozy cafe atmosphere is only part of the story. The more important chapter is about the food. The menu is simple Italian – and everything was fantastic! First I had white bean bruschetta. This is served complimentary to each guest. For my meal, I ordered a mixed green salad and gnocchi. The salad was very good, then the pasta was fantastic! The gnocchi was perfect – fresh and soft with a simple tomato and basil sauce and fresh mozzarella. For dessert I had fresh strawberries marinaded in balsamic vinegar with black pepper. An unexpected and excellent combination of flavors!

The food at was simple. Uncomplicated and delicious. A perfect meal. And a great way to end a visit to New York!

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