October 29, 2010

Adventures in Maine

Maine is unique. The wild coastline, beautiful lakes and mountains, and distinct culture make it different than any other state in the union. You know when you are here.

Earlier this month we traveled to Portland to attend a family wedding on a mountainside in Maine. When we arrived it was raining. The mist shrouded the landscape as we drove inland. The buildings of the city quickly faded to make way for small towns, forests, and lakes. We arrived at our destination – a small ski lodge about an hour outside of the city. After settling in we spent the evening enjoying pizza and a lot of laughs with relatives.

The next morning was bright and crisp – a perfect day for a fall wedding. In the morning Jonathan and I climbed the grassy expanse of the ski slope at Shawnee Peak. From the top of the slope the view was definitely worth the effort required to hike up! A vast green expanse of trees spread for miles accented with dark blue lakes and small patches of red or yellow autumn leaves. I was sad to see that so many of the leaves were still lush green and had not yet caught the autumn fire. Perhaps this year is a late fall in New England...

After a lovely wedding and a fun weekend with family we headed back to Portland. Before taking to the skies we visited the Old Port area of downtown. We had lunch, spent some time shopping, and then went to Mornings in Paris Old World Cafe. Like its name, this small café on exchange street was quaint and charming. We enjoyed lattes, hot chocolate, and chai teas with a rich chocolate truffle cake. The cake was served on a cute china plate with an image of Tour de Eiffel and was decadent. I liked the hot chocolate because it was not overly sweet. A great way to relax before flying back home!

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