October 10, 2010

Cupcakes on the Curb

In the past so much quick food was unhealthy or not very tasty. The recent food truck trend is changing that. I was first introduced to gourmet food trucks while we were still living in San Francisco and am excited that this trend has now arrived here in Washington. I love the idea of selling good food out of mobile trucks and carts.

Like in other cities, the food trucks that work on the streets of DC announce their schedule and whereabouts on social media. I created a DC food truck list on Twitter and have been observing their routes and schedules. Quite quickly I noticed that Curbside Cupcakes makes a weekly stop very close to my office on Thursday mornings and decided the next time they stopped by I would go buy a cupcake.

Thursday morning I was in the middle of a conference call when I saw the tweet they had arrived outside my office, had found a parking spot, and were open for business. All of a sudden time seemed to slow down. Would my meeting finish before the cupcakes drove away? Would some of the flavors be sold out by the time I made it down to the curb? When could I go get my cupcake?

Fortunately for me, meetings do not last forever and I was headed out to find the pink Curbside Cupcake truck. I was happy to find the bright colored truck still there serving customers. I feel into line and waited. When it was my turn I ordered one carrot cake cupcake. My treat was handed to me in a small paper bag with a Curbside Cupcake sticker on it and I also received a cupcake card (buy 10, get 1 free).

I took my cupcake to the park to enjoy. And it was delightful! The cake was light and moist with plenty of carrot and walnuts, and it was topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting. A perfect snack for a beautiful fall day!

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