November 19, 2010

Back in Miami

In 1998 I was hired as a pilot by American Airlines. After training, I was assigned to Miami International Airport to fly Boeing 727s. For me, Miami was part culture shock and part dream. It was a very different city than the places in the Northeast that I called home. And at the same time it was the beginning of my adventure exploring the AA destinations around the world. In the end I was only based in Miami for a short time before returning to my native Boston. However, I enjoyed the few months I got to spend in a warmer climate.

Over 10 years later I was in Miami again - this time with my husband Jonathan. This time the purpose of our trip was to compete in the Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival with the DC Dragon Boat Club and to spend a few days in the sunshine. A perfect escape from the encroaching winter weather in Washington, DC.

We landed at Miami International Airport before 10AM in the morning. The sun was up and the temperature was a balmly 75F (24C). After dropping our bags at the hotel we headed out to explore. While I had spent many days walking around Miami Beach and South Beach, this was Jonathan’s first trip to Florida. We walked around South Beach past the art deco hotels and the umbrellas of sidewalk restaurants, ventured out to the sandy beach where people were baking themselves in the sun, and finally spent some time relaxing at a small cafe.

To me, South Beach has always been - and still is - a surreal place. And a great place to sit at a cafe and watch the crowd go by. This is a vacation place and people come to have a good time. There are all extremes of society and behavior here - all you have to do is find a comfortable seat in an out of the way corner and watch the world go by...

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