November 6, 2010

A Missing Bag and a Purple Pig

Chicago in November – clear and brisk with piercing sunshine. My trip begins at baggage claim. I watch the bags go round and round. People come, wait, pick up their bags, and then leave. My bag still does not appear. After what seemed like an eternity – but was probably only a half an hour – it becomes apparent that my bag was not in O'Hare with me...

After talking to the individual at the United Airlines Baggage Service Center, picking up my rental car and driving downtown I finally arrive in my hotel room. I was tired, sad, and a bit frazzled.

I take a minute to collect myself, then meet up with the coworkers I am traveling with and run across the street to Nordstroms and Sephora for a little emergency shopping. I have just enough time to get what I need before the stores close! Then it's finally time to relax and get dinner.

We decided to try the Purple Pig, a small wine bar and restaurant on Michigan Avenue. Inside there are several small tables around the edges of the room, communal tables in the center, a bar at the back corner. The restaurant is buzzing with activity and has a vibrant atmosphere. The hostess informs us we will have a 30-40 minute wait, however, I was pleasantly surprised when she called us in about 20 minutes.

Now, on to the meal. We shared a very nice bottle of Burgundy and I ordered a salad and a cheese plate. My dinner companions had scallops, procchutto and steak. The cheeses on my plate were all excellent and served with a delicious grape and fig chutney. Everyone else enjoyed their food and the dining experience as well! The Purple Pig is a great place to have dinner – or just a nice glass of wine – in Chicago.

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