November 2, 2010

Something Sweet

Being from New England whoopie pies are a favorite treat of mine. For individuals who are unfamiliar with this baked good, it is two round cookie shaped pieces of chocolate cake with with sweet frosting between. When I moved to California I was disappointed to learn these tasty treats were not more common in other parts of the country. Now that I am back on the east coast living in Washington I am happy to have found a bakery in the District that makes whoopie pies!

Something Sweet is the perfect name for a bakery. It is located near the intersection of Wisconson Avenue and Macomb Street across the street from one of my favorite DC area pizzerias. Recently my aunt and I were having lunch at 2 Amys Neapolitan Pizzeria and decided to visit Something Sweet. I was delighted to see whoopie pies in the bakery case! (And, of course, I just had to purchase one to try.)

Later that afternoon I made tea for my aunt and I and we shared our whoopie pie. It was a very good! The cake was perfect – rich chocolate and not very sweet – with sweet frosting. (And it was a perfect size to share.)

The whoopie pie was a fabulous treat – reminiscent of bakery trips with my dad when I was child!

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The District Chocoholic said...

Very cool - have only stopped in for a tea to go and will have to get some baked goods based on your review.