November 10, 2010

Thank you Starbucks

Starbucks, once a small Seattle area coffee shop, has become part of mainstream culture worldwide. With shops on every corner it is now ubiquitous and probably lost some personality along the way. During its period of growth the company has tried to be socially responsible and true to its coffee shop roots. It has not always succeeded. However, recently it made a decision that I think needs applauding.

Those of you who know me – or read this blog regularly – know about my obsession with chocolate. I love chocolate. I drink hot chocolate every morning and rarely drink coffee. In my opinion Starbucks hot chocolate is too sweet. So, I do not stop at their shops very often – and when I do I just order some tea or a bottle of water.

One of my favorite chocolate companies in the United States is TCHO from San Francisco. So, I was excited learn that TCHO is now producing the Starbucks house brand chocolate bars and wasted no time procuring some. The new Starbucks house brand bars come in dark and milk chocolate – and of course, I had to try one of each. Both bars were delicious! Definitely TCHO quality and intense chocolate flavor. Now I have a reason to stop at that ubiquitous shop on the corner...
Starbucks, thank you for choosing TCHO to make your chocolate bars!

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Bethany said...

Jessie- You turned me on to TCHO. They are the B.E.S.T. ever! I was in San Francisco earlier this year and was jogging on the wharf and came upon their tasting room. I stopped in to see the magic. Great samples, beautiful packaging and a pure product. And I have given their chocolate as gifts and consumed like a pro. I love their attention to detail and thoughtful descriptions of their carefully crafted chocolates. I'm a fan, and so glad to know that Starbucks is as well. I didn't know they were making this joint venture. This is very exciting. Thanks for sharing this info and once again proving that you can find the most exciting food/chocolate/dining ventures. It's your hidden superpower!