November 16, 2010

Wine and Chocolate – Continued Adventures in Chicago

My time in Chicago was a whirlwind... My days were filled with meetings and tracking down my lost luggage. Not much time remained to explore the city, however I did have a little time to relax.

Downstairs in my hotel, the Intercontinental, was a small wine bar called Eno. I decided to go there for a glass of wine and some dessert. I sat down at a table and ordered a glass of wine and some chocolates. Eno has a simple menu serving three of my favorite foods – cheese, wine, and chocolates. The wine was excellent and the artisan chocolates were perfect. And they were a wonderful treat to help me forget about my luggage woes!

And on the subject of chocolate, before leaving Chicago I was able to visit the Vosges boutique on Michigan Avenue. I have always loved these creative chocolates in their pretty packaging. I purchased several new bars that I have not had the opportunity to try previously, including black salt caramel, Blood orange caramel, marzipan, gingerbread toffee, and organic Dominican dark chocolate. Since returning home I have tested the salt caramel and dark chocolate bars and both are fantastic. I look forward to opening – and eating – the others over the next few weeks!


The District Chocoholic said...

LOVE the Vosges toffee. I bet the gingerbread version is amazing.

Jessica said...

They are all fabulous!