December 10, 2010

Brunch in a Quiet Corner of Miami Beach

All trips must come to an end. So, we began our last day in Miami by walking across the street from our hotel to Miami Beach. After a walk on the beach and a rejuvenating swim we headed to brunch. After reading reviews of local and touristy brunch spots on Yelp we ended up at Oliver's Bistro. Surrounded by condos and apartments this cute cafe is on the corner of West Avenue and 9th Street. This is away from the tourists and spectacle of South Beach.

We were seated at a table outside on the sidewalk. Decorated with leafy plants and shaded with bright orange umbrellas the sidewalk patio was a relaxing place to sit and enjoy our brunch.

The menu is creative and had several interesting options, but we both decided to try the popover. (Note to vegetarians, the restaurant was happy to make this dish without sausage for me.) Serving scrambled eggs and cheese stuffed in popover is an absolutely fabulous idea. The eggs and popover were fluffy and the cheddar cheese was creamy and added a great cheesy flavor. It was a lovely breakfast and a great way to end our trip to Miami!

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