January 3, 2011

A Flight Above the City and Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day dawned a bright and sunny day so we decided we would begin our day at the London Eye. After our daily English breakfast at our hotel we headed to the south bank of the Thames. After a short wait in queue for tickets we were boarding one of the capsules on the London. The ferris wheel rotates very slowly taking a full 30 minutes to go around once. A ride – or flight as the ticket refers to it as – on the London Eye is one complete rotation. The movement is smooth and it almost feels like you are floating around. Of course, the highlight of the ride is the view. On the day we went there was excellent visibility and we were able to look out over all of London.

After our trip around the London Eye, we hailed a cab and headed for Knightsbridge (and the Boxing Day sales). London's black cabs are a quite expensive mode of transportation, but it is fun to ride in one at least once. And, the Tube was not running on this particular day due to a strike.

Once on Knightsbridge we had lunch at Wagamama, one of my favorite fast noodle shops. There are several outposts of this place around London; the one we ate at is downstairs in Harvey Nichols. Wagamama serves steaming bowls of fresh Asian style noodles with fresh vegetables, tofu, or meat. It is a great place to go for healthy, fairly inexpensive, quick food.

After lunch, we joined the many people shopping at Harvey Nichols and other high street shops. This was my first time going to a Boxing Day sale in London and I would say it is akin to Black Friday in the United States, but that people are more polite!

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