December 26, 2010

Our Adventures Begin - the Streets of London

So, our adventures have begun! The had already set when our flight left Dulles International Airport around six in the evening. We climbed out into the darkness and headed out over the Atlantic Ocean. While I have made this flight numerous times before, it was a first for Jonathan. His excitement about visiting Europe for the first time was infectious and made me smile even though he did not follow my advise to sleep for the majority of the crossing.

We landed in London just before dawn and made our way (bleary-eyed) through immigration, baggage claim, customs, and downstairs to the airport Tube station. Then we were finally heading to downtown London and our hotel! We arrived at our hotel tired and our hotel we were able to deposit our luggage and get some English breakfast.

The tea and warm food reenergized me and soon we were back out on the streets walking through Soho. Jonathan had requested that we go shopping on our first day, so we headed to Jermyn Street. Our first goal was to find several clothing shops Jonathan. He quickly found several shops that he liked and was soon carrying several bags.

Around noon we stopped for lunch at Itsu on Piccadilly Road. From my previous trips to London I remembered Wagamama, but not this place. I was delighted to find the food at Itsu equally fresh, tasty, and not extraordinarily expensive! This is one of the things I love about London – good, inexpensive noodle shops.

After lunch we continued shopping heading to Fortnum & Mason. This department store is fantastic. The upper floors are filled with luxuries – leather goods, china, perfumes, and and clothing. The ground floor and lower level are filled with wonderful edible items – chocolates and confectioneries, tea and coffee, baked goods, biscuits, wine, and much, much more. The store is fabulously decorated, everything is beautifully packaged, and the staff is extremely attentive. I always enjoy visiting this store when I'm in London to just browse and then buy a small treat or two and maybe some gifts. On the day of our visit – Christmas Eve – the store was buzzing with holiday shoppers and foreign visitors. It was a fun and dizzying experience! And a good start to our visit to London.

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