December 15, 2010

Poste - Pretty Food, Mediocre Taste

A while ago we had dessert at Poste Moderne Brasserie. It was a great experience. We sat on a couch just inside bar area. It was cozy, the sweets were delicious, and the service very good. The experience caused us to want to return.

So, we did - for dinner on a rainy evening... Again we sat in the bar area - this time at the bar proper. From the very beginning our server was aloof and lackadaisical, but we had still high expectations for the food.

I ordered a garden salad and pappardelle with mushrooms. Jonathan ordered pork belly and beef bourguignon - and then truffle frites to share. For wine Jonathan selected a malbec and I ordered the bartender's suggestion - syrah from Idaho. Yes, Idaho.

My wine was actually pretty good - well, it exceeded my expectations for a wine from Idaho. However, Jonathan's wine was definitely not worth writing home about, to say the least.

But, on to the food. The fries were the first dish served. They were crispy and good, however the truffle flavor was barely existent. Next Jonathan's pork belly and my salad arrived. Now, the food is at Poste is definitely frou frou food. The salad was lovely - but so small & dainty. It was served with a small shot of celery root soup that was good (just very small). My pasta was also good - whole wheat papperdelli with fabulous mushrooms - and again the serving was small. While my food was good, now of it was great. (And the prices here are not cheap.) Jonathan enjoyed his pork belly and beef bourguignon, but felt that both portions were small considering the quality and price.

Poste has the chic restaurant and bar appeal. It has the atmosphere to support being called a modern bistro or brasserie. However, the food quality and the service we received did not meet the expectations of such that type of an establishment. The overall experience was therefore a disappointment.

So, after dinner at Poste, hungry and wanting, we headed Vinoteca for some more substantial snacks. There were did not experience disappointment.

We ordered wine with cheeses, nuts, dried figs, and crackers. The wine was excellent and the food was simple and very good. This place (which I have blogged about previously) is a great neighborhood wine bar. The atmosphere is comfortable and unpretentious. And the food is honestly good. Eating cheese, crackers, and dried figs with my hands - this is my kind of food. And the wine was very good. For dessert we ordered chocolate truffles. Perfect and simple. This is what I like about Vinoteca. This is a solid neighborhood wine bar that you always want to return to...

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