January 19, 2011

Dinner at Les Gourmands de l'Île

It was dark and starting to feel cold by the time we got to Île Saint-Louis. After walking around the island we selected a small restaurant on Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île called Les Gourmands de l'Île for dinner. It was a cute cafe with about a dozen tables. The restaurant's awning advertises ice creams, sorbets, and crepes, but they also serve classic French dishes as well.

While reading the menu at Les Gourmands I noticed a vegetable terrine on the appetizer list. After the fabulous leak terrine we had at Cafe Marly previously I decided to try it. Then for a main course I ordered a cheese plate. Jonathan order onion soup and cassoulet.

My vegetable terrine was very good. Instead of leaks and truffles this one was made of more simple vegetables - carrots, spinach, and potatoes.

While I was eating my terrine, Jonathan was enjoying his soup. I have never particularly liked onions in the past and therefore never tried French onion soup. However, Jonathan convinced me to try his soup here in Paris. To my surprise I really enjoyed it! It was rich, flavorful, and sweet - and, of course, was topped with bread and melted cheese.

After the terrine and soup we got our main course. My cheese plate was lovely. (I think cheeses in France are fantastic and wish we had the same quality and variety available in American grocery stores and markets.) The cheeses were served with a simple salad and sliced baguette.

Back in DC Jonathan likes to order cassoulet at a French bistro we eat at sometimes and he had been looking forward to trying this dish in Paris. At Les Gourmands he was not disappointed. He thoroughly enjoyed his cassoulet and said it was more simple, but also more flavorful than what he had eaten in the past.

Dinner at this cute restaurant was perfect. The atmosphere was cozy and the food was excellent! We enjoyed it so much that we returned another night before we left Paris. On our second visit we shared an onion soup - our favorite thing on the menu. Then I had a cheese and mushroom crepe and Jonathan had bœuf bourguignon (beef bourguignon). Again we had a lovely dinner with more excellent food and wine.

Les Gourmands de l'Île is another restaurant I look forward to returning to next time I'm in Paris.

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