February 27, 2011

Au Revoir Paris

Paris is a city of amazing culture and wonderful food. It is a place where dinner is meant to be lingered over and enjoyed - eating is an experience. Our last dinner in Paris was no exception. We walked up Rue Saint Jacques to Le Restaurant Perraudin, a small local bistrot we had discovered while exploring the neighborhood around our hotel earlier in the week. Entering the restaurant we walked into a homey dining room with red and white checkered table clothes, cream-colored lace lampshades, and vintage posters.

After reading the menu, Jonathan and I ordered a bottle of burgundy to share. For my meal I ordered savory profiteroles filled with chèvre and served with a tomato sauce followed by onion soup. Jonathan ordered escargots and bœuf bourguignon à l’ancienne.

As with all meals in France, there was an order - or even ritual - to dinner Le Restaurant Perraudin. In a foreign country where you do not speak the language there is something comforting about this type of formality. After taking our order the waiter brought us a carafe of water and then our wine. After allowing us some time to relax with our beverages, our appetizers arrived. My profiteroles were wonderful - perfect, light pastry filled with warm goat cheese. A wonderful savory version of the classically sweet dish. A little while later the waiter brought my soup and Jonathan’s main plate. The soup was tasty, not quite as good as the version I had at Les Gourmands de l'Île. Of course, the bread served with the meal was excellent. Jonathan enjoyed everything - buttery snails, beef, and wine.

At this point in our trip Jonathan had become accustomed to the formality and ceremony of dining in France. He enjoyed his food and wine and appreciated the perfect simplicity of dinner at a small bistrot. In doing so, he reminded me to relax and fully enjoy the Parisian experience. This was a perfect dinner for our last evening in Paris...

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Nicole said...

Hi Jessica, It sounds like the perfect last meal in Paris. I'd love to sample those savory profiteroles!