February 12, 2011

A Tower and Hot Chocolate

Of course, nothing is a more iconic Parisian symbol than the Eiffel Tower. Dominating the Left Bank this structure of steel stands above the rest of the city. I have never been a big fan of heights - actually they terrify me. My first trip up the Eiffel Tower was several years ago when I had my sister accompany me on one of my many work trips to this city. One of the places I took her to was the Eiffel Tower.

From my first visit, I remembered the feeling in the pit of my stomach as I looked over the edge. I remembered how my knees felt weak on the elevator up as I realized how high we were going. And I remember how thankful I was when we got back on the ground. But, what I did not remember as well was the amazing perspective you get of the city of Paris from that height. It is as if you are standing on the crown of the city. Below you the different neighborhoods are spread out like a patchwork quilt.

On this trip to Paris I took my husband up to see the view. While I was still afraid during this time looking out at the city, I was thankful to have had a second opportunity to view this vast city from above.

After descending back to solid ground we took the Metro to Saint-Germain des Pres and walked to Les Deux Magots. This is one of the oldest cafes in Paris and Jonathan had read that they serve some very decadent hot chocolate. After the chilly breeze up on the tower a warm beverage was definitely needed. We sat at a small table looking at the church across the street and ordered our hot chocolate. Soon the waiter was bringing us a pitcher of rich and steaming hot chocolate and two tea cups. We poured the thick, creamy beverage into our cups to taste. It was delicious - intensely chocolate with the consistency of molten chocolate. This was some of the most luxurious hot chocolate I had ever tasted.

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Zita said...

I found this post on your FB page today. It's funny because I posted an article about our spring Paris trip (last year) today! I'll translate it to English and post it on my English blog too.

This hot chocolate must have been an amazing, never-forget experience!