March 16, 2011

The End of This Adventure...

We ended our trip where it began - dinner at Tayyabs.

Again, we arrived early in the evening and found the restaurant already buzzling with activity. Again we brought our own wine to drink with our meal. We ordered many of the same dishes we ordered on our previous visit and a few new ones - paneer tikka, a vegetable kahari dish, roti, and lamp chops for Jonathan.

The food was just as good on our second visit - fresh, spicy, and wonderful! For dessert Jonathan selected four different sweets from the pastry case. We had one made from pistachio, one from milk, one from almonds, and one from lentils. All of them were excellent, but the pistachio was my favorite - it was creamy, not too sweet, and had a rich nutty flavor.

Tayyab’s is not only the best Indian or Pakistani restaurant I have ever dined at, it has also become one of my favorite restaurants. They serve excellent paneer and meats, delicious bread, wonderful vegetables cooked with spices, and fabulous sweets. On my next trip to London, this is definitely the first place I want to go to eat!

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