April 17, 2011

A Neighborhood Room

Situated on a quiet corner in our neighborhood - Columbia Heights - is Room 11. An unpretentious wine bar, this place is like a small little sanctuary of good wine and food. Inside is small with an L-shaped bar, a few tables, and a counter with stools along the window facing the bar's namesake, 11th Street. In the warmer months the seating area is almost doubled with tables scattered about an outside patio.

From the first time I noticed it, Room 11 looked a cute place. However, we had been living in the neighborhood for about half a year before Jonathan and I had an opportunity have dinner here. The first day we went was a chilly fall evening and we grabbed a seat at the counter by the window. (Since our first visit we have returned several times.)

This is a homey, neighborhood wine bar. In the laid back atmosphere friends and neighbors come to have a drink, talk, and enjoy some good food.

And let’s talk about the food at Room 11. On our first visit to accompany our wine I ordered haloumi cheese and a house salad and Jonathan ordered mac and cheese with scallops and braised short ribs. On other visits we have tried baby octopus, fish, pork belly, gnocchi, cheeses, and warm cauliflower salad. I have also tried their chocolate pot de creme with ancho chili and an espresso shortbread cookie. It is a lovely dessert - the heat of the chili is a perfect addition to the creamy chocolate. The wine and food is always excellent - and at the same time the atmosphere is that of a comforting neighborhood place.

Room 11 has quickly becoming my favorite neighborhood restaurant.

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