May 29, 2011

Dinner on the Veranda...

Since my discovery of Ansonia Wines I have been searching for a local neighborhood restaurant that allows BYOW (bring your own wine). While this is common in San Francisco (where we lived previously) I have not noticed it much in Washington DC. After searching online and making a few phone calls we decided to go to Veranda.

Located on the corner of P Street and 11th Street in the Logan Circle neighborhood Veranda is a charming local restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine. The weather was nice, so we elected to sit outside on the sidewalk patio. Immediately we felt at home - the service is friendly and the atmosphere is casual and relaxing. After we were seated our waitress brought us wine glasses and opened the bottle of wine we brought with us from Ansonia Wines.

After reading menu we ordered several appetizers to share. The first dish to arrive was the flambéed Greek cheese. This was quickly followed by spicy peppers stuffed with feta cheese, mussels, and pork belly with beans (for Jonathan). Of the three dishes I tried the cheese was my favorite, however I thoroughly enjoyed all three. (And Jonathan liked his pork very much).

Next we shared a serving of three dips - tarama, tzatziki, and humus - and Jonathan . When I ordered them I was familiar with the second two and the waitress explained the remaining dip was made with fish roe. While that intimidated me slightly, it did not deter me. That is, until I tried it. The flavor was very fishy and salty. Both Jonathan and I tried twice and decided it was not for us. (I believe it is just my personal taste, not the tarama dip, that caused me to be unable to enjoy it.) On the other hand, the tzatziki and humus were both delicious, as was the pita bread that came with all three dips.

Veranda is a wonderful neighborhood restaurant. It's relaxing and they serve very good food. I loved sitting on the patio and enjoying the springtime evening. I will definitely return again soon...

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