June 26, 2011

Morning in New York

I love New York! It is an urban jungle in a way that no other city personifies that idea. It is a place where you walk down the street and see customs and cultures from all over the world as well as all types of personalities.

One morning on a recent trip I walked three blocks from where I was staying to a neighborhood bakery to get a pastry for breakfast. In the course of that short block I passed women with babies in strollers, people rushing to work, maintenance workers hosing down the sidewalks, a woman signing, and two homeless men arguing over which one of them smelled like a skunk.

Yes, this is New York, a metropolis like no other. It is hectic, it is loud, and it is alive. And it is a city filled with good food!

When I arrived at the bakery I purchased a cream cheese current current brioche and headed back out onto the streets. This is another thing I love about New York - people eat on the streets. It is not like Paris where it can be assumed you are a tourist if you are seen walking down a street drinking a coffee or munching on a pastry. People in New York are constantly in motion - there is an energy here. People are wide awake.

New York City Street
So, I joined the crowd and headed back from whence I came, brioche in hand. On my way back I passed children going to school, people going to work, doormen hosing down the sidewalk in front of the buildings where they work. And I was just one person - among the swarm of humanity on the streets that morning - walking alone in the sunshine.


Zizi said...

Thank you for sharing this experience, feeling with me. Now I would like to walk in New York holding a brioche or bagel in my hand! :)

Jessica said...

New York is a great city to walk around in - regardless of time of day. Today I'm actually in Brooklyn enjoying exploring a part of NYC that I haven't spent much time in before. It's really cool...