June 22, 2011

Discovering Café Divan

One of the benefits of living in Washington DC is Rock Creek Park. It is a ribbon of forest that winds it's way through the District of Columbia giving residents a chance to

After spending a steamy DC morning wandering around Rock Creek Park my aunt and I ended up walking down Wisconsin Avenue in search of lunch. We were tempted to go to 2 Amys since it is one of our favorite places in DC but opted to try something new. We walked past the cafes in Glover Park and ended up at Café Divan.

This Turkish cafe is located in a wedge shaped building on the west side of Wisconsin Avenue. There are windows on both sides of the building and the interior is bright and cheery. Once since the cafe we were seated by the window facing Wisconsin Avenue.

After reviewing the menu we decided to share several appetizers. We ordered hommus, artichokes, calamari, and a red lentil dish. After we ordered our water brought us a basket of delicious warm bread. Soon after our food began arriving. The first dish that arrived was the artichoke (zeytinyagi enginar) and then the calamari. Soon after the hummos and lentil dish was delivered to our table. Everything was really good - and a wonderful reward after our hike around the park. My favorite dish was the red lentils. They were served in the form of patties and very flavorful.

red lentils
I love Turkish food. When I worked as a pilot I had the opportunity to fly to Turkey a few times and would enjoyed getting a small glimpse into that country and it’s cuisine. When I lived in San Francisco I enjoyed eating at Troya in the Sunset neighborhood. After we moved to Washington DC I was delighted to find Ezmè and now I am happy to have discovered Café Divan too!

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