July 24, 2011

Not Your Ordinary Diner

Diner on Broadway in Brooklyn is not your ordinary diner. It is also not your typical trendy restaurant. Located in an old diner building with a classic counter and booths it exudes a feeling of retro chill. There are a few more tables on the sidewalk in warm weather where diners can relax and eat their meal outside.

The perfect beverage for dining outside in the summertime...

The menu at Diner

We arrived just before they were opening for dinner on a Sunday evening. The staff suggested we get a drink at the bar while waiting for the dinner service to begin. When it was time we opted to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather. Our waiter wrote the menu for the day on the paper table covering and gave us details on each dish. We ordered a bottle of rose wine and a fennel salad to share. For entrees I got the halibut and Jonathan went with the pork chop.

The salad was fresh and delicious - shaved fennel with mint, Parmesan cheese, and a tasty baby green I was not familiar with (but it was great). The waiter than brought some house-made duck pâté because he was worried the kitchen was a little slow in preparing our main dishes. (I did not find the pace slow, but being on vacation I was happy to have a leisurely meal.) Of course, Jonathan happily enjoyed the pâté while we related and enjoyed being in Brooklyn.

And soon our entrees arrived. My halibut served a a salad of greens, warm baby potatoes, and grilled squid rings with a wonderful sweet mustard dressing. It was perfectly cooked and wonderfully tasty. Jonathan' pork chop came with onion rings and some slaw that he thoroughly enjoyed. (And even though I am not a fan of onions, I tried an onion ring and it was really good.)

We ended the meal with a quintessential New York dessert - a perfectly creamy and scrumptious cheesecake with fresh strawberries. A perfect end to a lovely meal! This is definitely my favorite Diner anywhere...

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Rambling Tart said...

Shaved fennel and mint sound like such a wonderful combination for a salad. :-)